Traditional Funeral

As mandated by New York State law and the Federal Trade Commission, consumers are entitled to receive and retain this firm's General Price List (GPL). Our GPL is a schedule of fees for the regularly offered services of DeWitt-Martinez Funeral and Cremation Services & Martinez-Morse Funeral Home. The pricing for this information sheet has been taken directly from our most recent GPL dated May 1, 2023 and is subject to change without notice. All pricing reflects a cash discount.   Surcharges will apply for credit card payments.

Funeral with Wake

This pricing is based on a full service wake including complete day visitation hours, hearse, memorial items, etc.  However, funeral arrangements may be personalized to fit the needs and wishes of any family. 

Please call or visit us to speak with one of our licensed funeral directors about personalized funeral planning.

One Day Wake-4 hours

  • $5,430 (male) or; 
  • $5,515 (female)

Two Day Wake

  • $5,930 (male) or;
  • $6,015  (female)

The difference in price between Male and Female is for the hairdresser.

Charges Include:

  • Prompt response to initial service request
  • Local transfer of remains to funeral home and cemetery
  • Embalming
    • Although not required by law in New York State, this funeral home requires embalming for wake, visitation, and church services.
  • Dressing, casketing, cosmetizing, and hairdressing (if applicable)
  • Basic arrangements
  • Use of facilities and supervision of the wake and funeral service (4 Hours)
  • Local hearse
  • Memorial package:
    • 100 Plastic Prayer cards
    • Crucifix/ Cross
    • Register book
  • Personalized obituary page on our website
  • Memorial slideshow to be played throughout the wake and on the website

Please note that these charges do not include any cemetery charges or items not listed above.

Additions to basic charges:

  • Second person at residence if death occurs at home - $75
  • Casket - $950 to $13,920 
  • Vault or outer container:
    • Steel - $1390
    • Sealing Concrete - Starting at $1855
  • Clothing - $100 to $400
  • Newspaper notices - $300 and up
  • Flowers - $65 to $2,000

The above pricing is only for funeral home charges. Cash advance items are independent charges and will be billed to the family at the same amount paid by the funeral home. There is no mark-up in the cash advance charges.

Those charges include:

  • Cemetery or crematory charges (which vary from Cemetery to Cemetery)
  • Clergy/ House of Worship offering
  • Certified death certificates
  • State & City permit fees
  • Professional pallbearers
  • Tolls & Gratuities

Please Keep in Mind: If comparison shopping, it is important to thoroughly and carefully compare prices as the items included in "basic charges" or "service charges" of funeral homes may vary.